transcription services


currently provides precision transcription services from and to Spanish, English, French, and Haitian Creole.  Our professionals have experience in executing business, legal, medical, and academic transcriptions. All transcriptions are validated by multiple reviewers before a final transcription document is presented to clients.  This review provides added assurance that final transcripts are accurate and complete. 

As part of our commitment to our clients, Sa'lone Services routinely signs non-disclosure agreements to ensure the highest level of confidentiality when conducting transcriptions.

For more information about our transcription services, contact us by email ( or by telephone, (849) 248-0710.

Interpretation services


SA'LONE SERVICE's professional interpreters are the best in their field, whether interpreting from or to Spanish, English, French, or Creole.  Our interpreters are fully fluent in the language from which and to which they are interpreting and are fully adept at catching subtle messages that speakers often convey through the use of particular words and phrases that provide added context.   Those subtle messages are often missed by less experienced interpreters and can rob from the richness of the interpretation.

Our group of interpreters have years of experience in the following forms of interpretation:

    1.    Simultaneous Interpretation
    2.    Consecutive Interpretation
    3.    Accompanying Interpretation

Whatever your interpretation needs are, Sa'lone Services will provide you with a professional, accurate, and effective translator at a reasonable price. 

For more information about our interpretation services, contact us by email ( or by telephone, (849) 248-0710.

website localization services 


Whether you are starting a new business or extending your operations, Sa'lone Services will help to localize your website by assisting in the selection of appropriate massages, phrases, and images and also by translating key web-site content into Spanish, English, French, or Creole.  We are also experienced in conducting website pilot tests and validation exercises using locals who share similar demographic attributes as the individuals or clients you wish to attract to your website. 

For more information about our web localization services, contact us by email ( or by telephone, (849) 248-0710.